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That guy, with that hair ..

bad point : the hair
good point : that smile <3 (1000000000000 points)

As a fan of v6, im used to weird curly hair ( the time when Papa Masa used to permed his hair), and i never find it attractive.
And then i met this guy, and fall in love with him
never tought i would fall in love with a guy with permed hair =P
he actually stick with that hairsyle for few years actually ...hmm quite consistent nee~
maybe because he just did not bother or he think it is a good look for him (^_^;)
but no matter what , im already fallen for him ヽ(´ー`)┌
..so this is the guy, with that hair...

*he changed his hairsytle in early 2015, so more like 'THE GUY, who used to have THAT HAIR'

'idol' hairstyle..kakkoi~

3 years in recap

Havent write in this journal for 3 years. Damn im a lazy girl =P
so how do i start? erm just a few highlight from 2013, 2014, and the newly ended 2015 i guess.

- finished medical school in May 2013
- travelled to Bali, Bandung and Surabaya
- returned to Malaysia for good
- unemployed for almost 5 month (hehehe and i enjoyed it so damn much)
- accepted as House Officer, served in Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital in Temerloh

~highlights of my years~Collapse )

~it's been a while..ne?

how long it has been?almost a year?it's not that im too busy to write in here or anything,it just that im too lazy to do everything =P

the other thing is, i have nothing to write about,my life's pretty boring lately..just go to work in the morning,come back home, watch drama and then zzzz...and then it all start all over again (X_X)

but a few weeks ago when v6 make a comeback with 'rock your soul' i was so excited \(^o\) (/o^)/ , the choreo for that song is so kakkoi ne?? that song also is so energetic that it boost up my daily life (^-^)b . as expected, v6 never let me down =)

and at the same week also, when i was all excited with v6's new album, i was assign to work at a mental hospital (@_@) he3 am i showing too much of my 'crazy fangirl' symptom?? firstly i thought it's gonna be hard as i never really like psychiatry, but it turn out to be really interesting (^o^) it was fun to chat with the patients there, listen to their story and try to understand their feeling.

i enjoy myself working here..one of my patient told me that he thinks he is actually a fish (@_@) and we spent almost 1 hour talked about his species lol..there's also one patient come to me and asked from which planet i come from, and he said he's actually from saturn (?_?)

ha3 as much as i enjoy myself working at a psych clinic , i also felt sorry for the patients there as some of them are rejected by the society and worst, by their own family =( ..My friend from Mental Hosp Ghrasia, please get well soon, please don't forget to take your medicines and be healthy ok ??himneyo!!FIGHTING !!

a few weeks ago, i found this long lost jrock band band SIAM SHADE. They sing the closing song for the anime 'samurai x'. the 1/3 junjou na kanjou is my all time favorite anime song. i accidentally watched their concert on youtube and fell in love right away (♥_♥)
they are so cool in all of their live performances and i like their songs also, pretty much all of them..he3
but too bad the band broke up almost 10 year ago, but the members are still active in the industry. And now, my mission is to find all of their performances and tv appearence, all of them! ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ 'fangirlmodeactivated'

ha3 all of sudden, i accidently wrote such a long post (U_U) gomen ne~
upsss  before i forget, to my friend
wasabisushi404 and ella_samantha Merry Chrismas *(^O^)* and have a nice holiday guys =) sorry for being all quite this whole year. wishing u guys a great holiday =D


it's been almost 2 month since i start working..i find it very hard to adapt to this new life since last time i had a very long holiday..almost 4 month not doing anything..he3..n i kind a love it..he3..n because i loved it so much it's very hard for me to say goodbye to my precious holiday..ho3=P..

actually what make it harder is i need to start with a new enviroment that is very strange to me..new place,new friends,new routine...n my job..ermmm..how to say..require a lot of comitment..like follow up patient at 6am,oncall for the whole night, present cases to senior  doctors, got scolded=P...n i need to make it clear,got scolded is really part of the job..he3...but to be honest, even with these kind of pressure in my job, i still kind of not really feeling it...i still come back home n watch korean movies,watch v6 show n pv just like before...when my friends all very excited to perform medical procedure on patient..i still like 'ermm baby delivery o whatever...i ll do it later..u go ahead'...n continue sleeping...that's not good rite????ishhh i should change....

everyone will eventually face a change in their life..like what happening to me rite now..what i need to do is get out of my comfort zone n face the real world..this is the challenge i need to take...................but laziness is my only enemy..hehehe...

AARRRGGHHH i need to change!!!

in 10 days v6 will perform in SCP..yayaayy i really cant wait~~so for the mean time, i will work hard n then reward myself with v6 performances. that's a good plan rite??so it will be be some kind of motivation for me to work..yay!!
hope that day will come fast..but for the mean time i need to face the job that i dun really like=(..but it worth it if at the end v6 is the reward..haha =P

n i put this vid of nagase from mukodono because he' s the person who make me smile the whole week..hehe..the thing is, i put his picture as my desktop background,n when my friend look at it, she asked "waaa is that ur boyfriend on ur desktop background???eehh why are u hiding it from me for all this time"... i was just smile n YIPPPPPPPPPIEEEE=)))))))))




cool rite..l'arc en ciel..actually i'm not really into jrocks but there's exception for l'arc en ciel and.....ermm...glay??haha l'arc en ciel obviously because of hyde =P n glay because of sakamoto =D ha3..in vibes concert inochi, during the mc time tell the story of how he borrowed sakamoto's car n once he started the engine, glay's song come out..hu3..sugoi ne sakamoto kun~

yesterday i hurt my right shoulder during a badminton match. thinking this could be the last badminton tournament i can participate before i start to work in the hospital makes me work really hard during the game...furthermore i want to do the best for me n my partner..i can see that he really want to win for the last time..ermm unfortunately we lost the final match=( ..i played in the mix double category n in mix double the women player will have to work extra hard to balance the game..i got attacked a lot last time =(

thanks to my partner nazirul..for always cover for me whenever the opponent smashed me..run until the end of the court to take the shuttlecock when i cant reach it, he always smile to me whenever i made mistake n said "it's ok"..very comforting...i'm very grateful for the oppurtunity to work hard together with u nazirul kun~

my shoulder is killing me..but it's ok tho..we've won 2nd place..it helps relieve the pain...a lil bit =)

there's a sempai of mine..who already retired from badminton called me right before i enter the court to give a piece of advice.he said " keep your head high when facing your opponent...n your middle finger higher" xP ...aigo sunbae nim~make me burst into laughter b4 the match....


i was searching movies for me to watch this long holiday of mine n suddenly while i was browsing the korean movie website i found this

and u know what interesting about this movie is the main character' s name is....wait for it....................SAKAMOTO MASAYUKI!!!!
yea it was just the character's name not the real actor....but still...SAKAMOTO MASAYUKI!!! i never thought that this name is quite common..ha2..i'm thinking whether i should download this movie or not. it look interesting. the summary can be found here

i miss v6 san so much =) when things in japan gets better,please..please quickly make a comeback album...single..or whatever..i just want to see you guys on tv again...hu3..oneigaishimass*pray*



i took an oath today, but i didn't recite it properly..ha3..actually my job is gonna start in june so i wasnt really prepare for this . but when the time comes, n i've prepared myself well, i promise i will do it again..properly. i will again swear to do no harm to the patient, to respect patient autonomy n keep the doctor-patient autonomy n most importantly to put my patient's health above all. i need to work hard to fullfill this promise i've made n im willing to. GANBATTE!!!!!

btw i have this weird dream last nite. in my dream, i'm part of the korean group called SHINHWA..ha3 it was very funny..i was dancing with them but they all give me the 'who the hell is this girl?' look..but still they accept me as their member..n after that, we performed at my primary school XD  ..what does that even mean? the nite b4 i take the doctors oath, i dream about shinhwa..that is actually the weirdest part of all =P



nagano kun

kawai...aren't they?

i always love mama n papa combi, but this rare sight of hiroshi san looks very cute rite? that women is super lucky dat day =) ..but she's cute, lucky u also nagano kun~~ =P

haiyss miss them so much, hoping the rumour about v6's new single is true, can't wait to hear their new song =D

aahh need to focus, got exam tomorrow~

ganbatte y'all!!! in whatever u'r doing =)


today i got consultation exam. so i got a patient come with diabetes melitus.
we negotiate and plan her treatment program..but this aunty really got me pissed.
she insisting of maintaining her current diet which is not good for her disease, i already take into account all of her complaint n create a treatment program which is suitable for her..but still she dont want to accept...she keep talking about how she love to drink sweet tea n bla bla~~

aiiiiissssshhh this aunty....i started to imagine her face in the forensic book as an example of death caused by blunt trauma to the face resulted from MY punch...
but as i kooked at this aunty, i smiled n said 'oh it's ok ma'am, we can discuss more about this..what do u think of changing ur sugar to corn sugar n bla bla'~ with like hundreds of other suggestion.......professionanlism dude....if it wasnt because of that this aunty will become cadaver already...ha~

now come back to forensic mode. tommorow is the exam. i started reading the forensic book n all of the dead bodies's face change into that aunty's face...ho3..im all pyscho now...gomen ne~

need to watch this video to get that aunty face out of my head =P


it's 1am, n i'm studying forensic...

this monday is my forensic pathology exam..aiiiihhhh stil got a lot to study...not good, not good~~~
im not gonna be like CSI or anything, why the hell do i need to study all of this??
time of death, gunshot wound, infanticide.....am i gonna be a coroner o what?heh

now is almost 1am..
every page that i open showing pictures of *very disturbing image*if u know what i mean~~~
bodies of men, women, babies, elderly...accident, drowning, hanging...just name it..it's all in here..
haissssyyyhh~~complaining too much..not good, not good...

i wish v6 have more group activity these day..they seem bit quite nowadays..miss them~~~

i watched hold up down this evening, that makes me suddenly feels like watchin orange performances again n again...waahaa~~
nice movie tho.
sakamoto is such a badass in this movie,and nagano turns into 'racing evil' everytime he's driving..hilarious =p

aaahhh procrastinating!!!not good, not good..

gotta continue studying now..dead bodies are waiting for me to find the cause of their death..bye y'all.